Being Busy

I’m on my way to three nonprofit organization meetings. I love that they are all in the same day. I enjoy the activity. When I return home to the peace and quiet to complete the necessary paperwork I feel satisfied.



It been a quiet day. Temperature close to 90 degrees and too hot for me to be outside or in my greenhouse.

I used to believe that I had to always be doing something but now I truly cherish and am thankful for the quiet moments.

During the quiet times I focus on what I desire my new life experiences to be and I find myself smiling and knowing I have them already. “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Not just a quote. This has been my past experience many times.

It has been a great day and I am grateful.

Moving Forward

I have been seeking answers to how to move forward in my life and today I received an answer. It may surprise you to know that that answer is “giving.”

I have known for years that giving from my heart gave me joy in return. What I held back was my money thinking I had little, if any, to give.

Today it was made clear to me that my lack of giving money told the universe I didn’t trust it to give back. I have been saying to the universe that I had a shortage of money. It believed me and has held me in that place of lack.

I choose to create a new life experience that includes living an abundant life in all areas. I choose this day to give generously and from my heart of love what I desire to receive.

Here I am

After my kids have grown, an ex-husband, and living in a rural community, I started searching for the person I really am.

I have searched social and religious groups, books, movies, you name it, seeking my reflection as in a mirror, with no success. What I found is that I am everything: a mother, ex-wife, business woman, college grad, and much more. Most of all I am Love.

I am unique in all the world. There is no other like me. So I decided to re-create the me I desire to experience. I have been told that I could do whatever I decide to do. The challenge is to decide what I want to experience next. 

Money has usually been my first consideration but this tactic has proven to stop my creativity in its tracts . . . no money, no activity, no forward movement. Money should have been my last thought.

I am now searching my life to find what experiences I enjoyed. Imagination and creativity don’t cost anything to use and the possibilities are unlimited. 

While reviewing my experiences I remembered that life itself has been a joyous ride. Yes, it has been like a roller coaster with ups and downs and has never been dull. Which brings me back to researching and deciding what to experience next.

As I sit here at my laptop my dream of building and owning a dome hotel in this beautiful rural countryside comes back to me. Where to start? A huge dream, yes, and I am so looking forward to it and finding more of me in the process called life.

Relationship, yes! I desire to share my life journey with someone. It has been many years, decades, since I dated and that was scary at best. Those social and religious groups I mentioned earlier were great places to meet new people and I found that in a small, rural community . . . well you know the rest. I am in no hurry, not needy, just a little hungry (she said smiling).


My daughter recently started her own blog and it occurred to me that blogging is a great way to share my thoughts and dreams. So here I am.

My first blog!

A mother of two wonderful human beings, bringing life into this world was the most rewarding experience of my life but it is also the experience that caused me to put my own life on hold. A decision I made unconsciously.

No regrets. Now it’s time to get back to me. So, welcome to my journey!